How Many People?

How many people worked together to make Darkest Night a reality?

Well, officially there were 28 persons in the cast and 42 in the crew. Also, there was one dog plus a few cats, but the cats were replaced with dummies (no offense to cats!).

In addition, there were approximately 50 others who helped with other tasks, including extras, caterers, handymen, prop makers, drivers, maintenance persons and general helpers.

So, it took (and is taking) about 120 persons to produce this film, including shooting, pre and post production. Congratulations on a great job done by all!

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A Fantastic Group of Survivors: The Cast & Crew of Darkest Night

Members of the cast and crew of Darkest Night pose at the back porch of the house in Floridablanca, Philippines, where most of the film was shot.

How do you even begin to acknowledge the hours and hours of excellent hard work, sacrifice, loyalty, talent, ability and tireless teamwork of a great group of film-makers? Answer: There are no words, so you don't even try. You can say thanks, even in three or four different languages, but it's still not enough.

Sure most of them were paid, though we had a great bunch of interns who weren't given a single peso. These folks worked as hard as everybody else. Special thanks of course, go out to them. However, even those who were paid worked at lower-than-usual fees because this was a project they truly believed to be special and creative.

However, the truth is that a wonderful team worked together to make Darkest Night an excellent film, so all deserve special thanks. Again, words aren't enough. Or maybe it's enough just to say that everyone involved really loved what they were doing and made many wonderful friends. As all other things disappear into the fog of time and Darkest Night, surely that is enough.

Ensemble toujour ... dans nos cours!

NOTE: Unfortunately, not every member of our cast and crew was able to pose for these photos. For a complete list of all cast and crew members plus additional information, you can visit the Darkest Night page at the IMDb website.

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