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Here, you can find out all about Darkest Night, the stories behind it, how it was made and the cast and crew.

This is a truly terrifying film. You have to see it just to test to boundaries of your own fear. Can you take it or not? There's only one way to find out ...


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Release - The film is now fully released in the U.S. and Canada by  Maxim Media. You can find it on most VOD platforms, as well as on DVD. For more details, see the Darkest Movie page.

International - Released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in late 2013. Distribution in other countries is being negotiated and will be announced later.

There is still more information to come, so please keep on visiting us here, provided you don't have a serious heart condition or other ailment that could be aggravated by extreme fear.

The Film Darkest Night: A Demonic Journey Into Starkest Terror

Gothic Pictures International Proudly Announces that Darkest Night Is Now Fully Available in the U.S. & Canada on VOD & DVD. See the Darkest Movie Page for Details ...

Fear begins in the mind but travels to all parts of a person, place and the world. Darkest Night is not just a film but a journey of fear. Its memory will haunt you long after you've seen the final frame. Here are some samples of what this film has in store for you:

The 90-Second Theatrical Trailer

The 180-Second Theatrical Trailer

The 30-Second Theatrical Trailer

The 15-Second Theatrical "Teaser" Trailers

 This Is Just a Small Taste!

Now that you've had a taste of the terror, stay for a while. Check out our Official Website. Let us know what you think. Linger for as long as you can stand the horror. And don't be scared of the dark!

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Check out the following dark offerings you can find at this website:

  • The Movie's Story: You get a synopsis of the film, links to publicity notices and find out what other terrors are in store for you in the Darkest Night. In addition, here you will find tales of actual supernatural events that surrounded the film's production, the "curse of Darkest Night." There are also links to our media notices, including information our the film's release. So, can you even survive the night?
  • Baphomet and His Cult of Evil: Was he just a legend, the devil incarnate or worse? Find out more about the ancient god Baphomet and his bloody history.
  • A Doomed Family in Malaysia: Sometimes urban legends can be true! This page tells you about the "rumor" that inspired this film. Is it fact or fantasy? See for yourself.
  • How the Story Traveled from Malaysia to the Philippines: Some horror stories are universal and inspire terror in many lands and cultures. Discover the journey behind the journey.
  • The Making of Darkest Night: Even the most terrifying horror films are made by flesh-and-blood people. You can find plenty of flesh here and even more blood! The film-makers made it to the end in one piece. Will you? This is the producer's day-by-day blog on the production of Darkest Night.
  • Meet the Cast and Crew: Horror films are created by ordinary people just like anybody. Or are they? Maybe so, maybe not. Or maybe you don't want to go there ...
  • The Film Company—Gothic Productions International: Learn more about the company that produced this film and the evil future it has in store for you.
  • Keep in Touch!: OK, the usual "Contact Us" page is here also. It tells you how to feed us with your feedback. We want it. Give us all you can!

So Come With Us & Continue the Journey ...

Below, Darkest Night's Ricky and Chelsea (Kevin Vitug and Jill Palencia) go off into the fearful forest to discover the true evils besetting them and their family. Join them. Embrace the darkness, and don't hesitate to go wherever it takes you!

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